A-Ret Gel (Retin-A)0.05% w/v

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A-Ret contains .05% Tretinoin and comes in a 20 gm tube. Used to improve the appearance of skin and the treatment of acne.

ATC Classification: D10AD01
Active Ingrediant: Tretinoin
Generic Name: A-Ret Gel
Manufacturer: Shalak
Strength: 0.05% w/v
Dosage Type: Cream
Packaging Type: Box
Contains: 20 gm

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A-Ret gel containing active ingredient Tretinoin helps in the renewal of skin. It unblocks the pores to allow natural oil producing glands of skin to function properly and decrease the formation of blackheads and spots. It loosens the cells on the surface of skin to promote turnover of skin cells and aid the natural exfoliation of the outer layers of skin.

How to apply A-ret gel: ?

The cream is to be applied topically once in a day, either in the morning or late in the evening before sleeping. For correct dosage and length of treatment, do contact with the doctor because it depends on the patient?s condition and their response to therapy. Wash the hands properly and area of skin that is to be treated thoroughly with a mild soap before application of the gel. A small dose is applied with fingertips to affected area and massage gently to cover the entire affected area .This medication takes 8 to 12 weeks for effects of the medication to be achieved. The medication should not be applied near eyes, mouth, nose and inner ear.

Therapeutic uses of A-ret gel:

This medication has following type of uses:

  • It is used to improve the appearance of skin and minimize fine wrinkles.
  • It is used in the treatment of acne.
  • This medicine contains retinoic acid that improves pigmentation by eliminating the melanin from the skin.
  • This medicine increases the collagen level in skin cells and improves wrinkles.
  • It improves the texture of the skin.

Possible drug interaction of A-ret gel:

Some of the drugs may interact with this gel are- ?

  • Alcohol containing products
  • Propylene glycol products
  • Topical corticosteroid
  • Sulfacetamide

Contraindication of A-ret gel:

Under some medical circumstances, this gel is strictly prohibited-

  • If you are hypersensitive to generic Tretinoin so, don?t apply this gel.
  • It is not given to pediatric patient below the age of 12 years.
  • It is inadvisable in the case of pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.
  • It should not be applied to any damaged, broken, scalded or burnt skin.


Some safety measures should be followed while using this gel-

  • All cosmetics should be removed before applying this cream.
  • Always use sunscreen cream or lotion while going outside during daytime.
  • Don?t apply any herbal and over the counter cream while applying this cream.
  • Don?t use any type of astringent, toner or skin whitening cream while using this gel.
  • It should not apply near the open heat or flame because Tretinoin is highly inflammable in nature.

Side effects of A-ret gel:

Some common side effects of this gel are:

  • Stinging sensations, peeling of skin, skin redness.
  • Some more side effects include skin crusting, swelling, excessive redness, rashes, hives, blistering.
  • Feeling of warmness at application site, darkening or lightening of skin can occur, dried skin, acne worsening, crusting or scaling of skin, irritation in eye, and increased sensitivity towards UV light.

Missed dose of A-ret gel:

If you miss a dose of this gel, apply it as soon as you recall.

Don?t apply the extra amount of this gel.

Overdose of A-ret gel:

If you face any overdosing symptoms of this gel like severe itching, irritation and skin rashes then, immediately consult your doctor.

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