Where are we Located and Our Reply Time:

Our office and warehouse and staff are located in India and as such your day is our night.  If we do not reply right away please understand we might be sleeping.

Reply Time:

We try to reply to emails once a day and given that our work time is various to you please allow about 30 hours for a reply, if you do not hear from us please send again, PM us in reddit or other contact, CHECK YOUR SPAM incase we did reply and it is in your spam or similar.  We do not mean to NOT reply to you, we reply always if it is good bad or indifferent we do reply.  So there might be some technical glitch or human error in accidentally deleting or filing your message.

  • check your Spam Folder
  • Email us again to notify us that we have failed to reply
  • Try emailing from a email account other then Hotmail / yahoo or similar as they have very overzealous SPAM filtering controls due to all the fake pharmacies and spam emails that do occur.
  • Reach us one line at Reddit or similar.


We package discretely and declare products as personal products.  People will not know what is inside the package from seeing outside.   Please do not try to ask us for special packing to get around your country rules, please do not ask us to change items as do ship legally and follow the shipping rules.

Is my Data Safe:

AIPCT Shop values your trust and the safety and privacy of our customers means a lot to us.  Our website is SSL encrypted and secured.  At no point will your information be shared with anyone outside our organization.  While we are diverse and have multitude of capabilities we will share with you items only from our operations / associates.

Shipping Time:

On Average, EMS is 1-2 weeks world wide and is signature on delivery and has tracking.  Airmail is registered but can not be tracked or traced to most countries anymore but is also a signature and takes 2-3 weeks average world wide.  EMS we highly recommend because if your package is not deliverable we need to wait for it to return to us to reship or refund product cost.


EMS is highly recommended as you can track the location on line and see when it is in your area.  Often times clients state they never received notice from their postal carriers of a package when they were not at home.  By knowing the tracking you can see when they tried to deliver it.  So by going airmail if you do not get a notice we can not help you track it or sort out what is wrong.  So for your safety ORDER and PAY for EMS Shipping.


If the post carrier tries to deliver while you are out you will need to go to the postal center and pick up or you can ask them to redeliver it.


Once packages leave us we can not speed up or hurry up any postal center, we can not give guarantee arrival times or dates, and we can not contact your customs or postal carriers to push them along.  No matter how we would like to help we are powerless.

Customs and Legality:

The US FDA states that while technically it is illegal to import drugs they do allow importation of non scheduled non controlled drugs for personal use for 3 months at a time.  We have only had issues with clients ordering over 3 months supply at one time and having some items taken out by customs.  We do have packages inspected for your safety but we can not push the customs along faster to ship it faster to you if they do inspect packages.  Every package / item going into the USA can be inspected at any time.  SAME rules apply for most countries.


We will provide newsletters and at any point you may opt out of receiving them however they might contain special discounts or offers so reviewing them might be to your financial benefit.

Cancelling Orders / Returns:

We are happy to cancel your order if the order has not shipped.  IF the order has shipped we can not cancel any order and we do not take return of product.

Dispatch Time:

We attempt to ship out every order within a day however weekends / holidays can cause a day or two delay, for example we do not ship on our Sundays.  So if ordering Saturday night our time your order would go out the Monday.  There are times we are out of stock and we normally can ship within two days of order if we are out of stock, if longer then three days we will notify you of delay.

Equal or Better Product:

There are times that a certain product might be a long delay to get back in stock and we reserve the right to ship an equal or better product to you.


We would love to take Credit Cards or similar but the Lobbyist for Big Pharma has pressured Master Card, Visa and Paypal and similar to disallow this product.  While it is your money and your right Big Pharma and the Medical Industry want to keep you handcuffed into overpaying.  As such

-Echecks (coming)

-Bitcoin and ETH e coins are accepted

-Moneygram / Western Union


-And another alternate payment option at times like gift cards can be accepted



Controlled Substances such as Phentermine, Xanax, Ambien, Adderall, Ephedrine, and more:

We do not sell such items, we do not know who can sell them and we can not advise on how to get them.

Medical Advise:

We do not under any case give any medical advice.  Please do not ask.  Kindly ask your Physician.


We will reship any product that shows no movement from EMS tracking for one month.  If the product is sitting or lost then the tracking will not update for one month then we will reship at our cost.  If using airmail we will reship if the package is returned to us but only after the package is returned.

Secure other products:

We are happy to try to secure other products for you, do not see an item you want, please ask we will look and see if we can not offer it to you.