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Apnea a sleeping disorder

Many people may be familiar with hearing someone snoring while sleeping but most would be unable to pinpoint a name for the act of snoring, how and why it occurs and if there are any means of reducing or eliminating the habit from the sleep cycle. Most likely, it’s here to stay but read on […]

A guide to acne

Have you ever had acne? Some say it’s the worst house visitor on the planet because it usually arrives uninvited at the most inconvenient of times, it tends to stay longer than expected and when it finally does goes, it leaves a mess on your body that’s very difficult to eradicate. What’s the solution? In […]

Azithromycin where to buy

Antibiotics represent a known barrier that effectively provides a treatment for and control over pathogens, the agents such as bacteria and viruses responsible for causing diseases. For this reason, the presence of antibiotics such as azithromycin in the social environment not only essential because of its efficacy in treating diseases but also because in doing […]


There are so many medicinal drugs for the treatment of many different types of sicknesses it’s mind boggling. In this series of articles on medicines and health, you and I will discuss and discover some of these medicinal drugs used so that we know and understand why they are used, how they are used, their […]

World’s First Supplier Of Generic Drug Remdevisir For COVID-19 Treatment is Bangladesh!

Bangladesh’s Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd. said it has become the world’s first company to start supplying the generic version of Gilead Sciences’ antiviral drug Remdevisir for the coronavirus treatment. The drug has been approved by the US drug regulator for emergency use among COVID-19 patients, backed by clinical data, where a certain recovery rate was observed […]

International Pharmaceutical Firms: Your Health Your Money Your Rights Unfortunately Your Rights Are Restricted

International Pharmaceutical Firms: Your Health Your Money Your Rights Unfortunately Your Rights Are Restricted Your Money, Your Body, Your Rights? Unfortunately it’s not as easy as that, have you recently tried to order Generic Medications online only to find the payment options disappearing? You are not alone, for the last few years payment processing […]

Depression at work – How to deal with it

Depression can cause difficulty concentrating, lead to feelings of fatigue or being overwhelmed by your own tasks. Though some might include these symptoms to workplace anxiety, even when the symptoms don’t go away outside work hours and begin to interfere with other regions of your life too, it might be a sign that you’re suffering […]

10 Facts about hypertension

Recent studies indicate that elevated blood pressure is linked to a higher risk for dementia, a reduction of cognitive function. Timing appears to issue: Some evidence suggests having uncontrolled high blood pressure through midlife (age 45 to 65) creates a higher risk for dementia later in life.The takeaway? It is never too early to begin […]

Erectile Disfunction AIPCTSHOP

Erectile Dysfunction

In todays world there is ever increasing cases of erectile dysfunction then years before.  While erectile dysfunction can be caused by physical or psychological disorders, we see an increase in both causes every year.  The basic truth about an erection is that it starts with physical or mental stimulation or the combination of both.  Due […]

Reputable online Pharmacy, Thank you From AIPCTSHOP to our clients

Reputable online Pharmacy We thank you for the trust you give to us to fulfill your orders as your Reputable online Pharmacy. we work hard not to fulfill just one order, we work to earn your future orders and become the most Reputable online Pharmacy Our Promise All our medicines are pharmaceutical grade. Your […]

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