How to use echeck

How to use Echeck

How to use Echeck and What is it?  

A form of payment made via the internet that is designed to perform the same function as a conventional paper check. Because the check is in an electronic format, it can be processed in fewer steps and has more security features than a standard paper check. Security features provided by electronic checks include authentication, public key cryptography, digital signatures and encryption, among others. Electronic checks (eCheck) have been developed in response to the transactions that have arisen in the world of electronic commerce. Electronic checks can be used to make a payment for any transaction that a paper check can cover and are governed by the same laws that apply to paper checks. This is the first form of internet-based payment that the U.S. Treasury uses for making large online payments. Paper checks can be processed electronically so you’ll never have to go to the bank again. 

What Process Do we use to Verify Customers Transactions to use Echeck?  

Our team utilizes an in-house, live Verifications Department. When we submit a transaction to be processed, within seconds it is scrubbed by the internal nationwide scrubbing data system that checks for negative bank account data. If the system does not detect any negative data on the bank account, it is passed into the “pending” status. From there, the Verifications Department calls the customer to confirm the validity of the order. Once all is verified, the customer bank is called to verify the name on the account matches, the account is open and valid, and the funds are currently available for the amount  to successfully debit the customer’s account.

This verification process takes place in real time, approximately 1-2 minutes to complete, in the order the transaction was received. In some cases, a DocuSign is sent for the customer to complete. Once the DocuSign is returned to us completed by the customer; we then make a final call to confirm that the customer was the signer of the completed document. If your company is required to include this DocuSign step for Verification calls, the Merchant will be notified of this step upon the boarding of your processing account. You might wonder, why such a thorough process? These steps are taken to prevent the risk of a “Returned Check.”

Instead of pushing the transactions automatically through to the customer’s bank, our Verification process reduces the chance of a NSF, Stop Payment, Not Authorized payment, etc. It also minimizes the chance of fraudulent activity on a customer’s checking account. This process gives reassurances to our customers, that they are safe and secure when making payments via eCheck.

What are the hours of the Verification Department? 

Our Office hours of operation are M-TH 9:00 am- 7:00pm EST & Friday 9:00am-6:00pm EST. 

What is the Description that wills how up on your bank statement?:  

After an eCheck payment is processed, it will show up on the bank statement under “JBI/Paymonex”.

How long will it take for an Echeck to post to your Bank Account?” 

Once the eCheck transaction has been approved, it takes approximately 2-3 days for the check to clear. If you cannot use echeck and prefer to use payal or credit card, try


How to use echeck

Credit Card and Echeck Processing for Online Internet Pharmacies

Credit Card and Echeck Processing for Online Internet Pharmacies

Credit Card and Echeck Processing for Online Internet Pharmacies for most American Consumers who shop online expect to pay by credit card, but for online pharmacies that distribute medication internationally this is not allowable anymore due to pressure from the pharmaceutical industry.  Before it was possible to pay with credit cards however the past several years the big pharmaceutical companies have put increasing pressure on banks and governments to restrict  Credit Card and Echeck Processing for Online Internet Pharmacies payment processing allowances in the auspices to protect their brands (however many knowledgeable people realize that this is just to protect their huge profit volumes on overpriced medications).

Online pharmacies

provide an important service to consumers that do not have health insurance or cannot afford to pay the high cost of medicine in their own countries, so what is echeck processing and what firms accept them?
The growth of online banking and online bill pay has made customers comfortable with paying with a bank transfer.  Over 95% of US households have bank accounts and are able to make payments with echecks.  While it might appear to be daunting it is really very simple.  An electronic check (or eCheck) is an electronic version of a paper check used to make payments online. You may also see this method referred to as an electronic funds transfer (EFT) or an automated clearing house (ACH) payment. To make a payment with an electronic check, you simply provide the following information: Your bank routing number, your bank account number and the name on your bank account.  Once the e-check is submitted, automated systems (including the ACH) facilitate the verification, transmission, and clearing of funds and the settlement of accounts. The government highly regulates the automated systems. As a result, the e-check transactions are protected by highly secure systems.

Trusted Sources for Credit Card and Echeck Processing for Online Internet Pharmacies

Two well known and trusted pharmacies that utilize Echeck payments are and   You might have heard about unauthorized payments being charged to some peoples account however and both use a live human verification system where a member of the Echeck Team has to call and personally verify and authenticate this order.  While it does add an extra step, it helps ensure the safe and authorized transaction as well as securing my financial data.  For this reason, that they both utilize a live human call back verification system AFTER the order is placed is why I trust these two online pharmacies over any others on line.