FAQ and Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting aipctshop.com and hopefully you will give us the chance to earn you as a repeat customer. We care about your first order but our goal is not to earn one order, our goal is to earn your future orders. We are located in Maharashtra India and have been working in the Pharmacy Industry for many years while aipctshop.com has been around for the last handful of years. Aipctshop.com was created to service the Fitness Community and we are active on many forums and we believe in crafting a healthy body and lifestyle and as such we market only Pharma Grade products, everything on our site is made by licensed regulated pharmacy firms. And we strive to keep the products and pricing on Aipctshop.com the lowest we can while providing the most sales and discounts over other operations.

Pharma Grade is important for the obvious reasons but even more so to the fitness community who are relying on their AI and PCT to protect their health and maximize their fitness regiment. We do not sell nor produce any product made from untested raw material. There is no reason to risk your health and safety on untested home produced products with raw untested raw materials, we are transparent and open about our operations, we do not hide we openly show you our operations.

Most firms that operate in the fitness community hide their identity and more, we publicly post our operations and staff, we try to be transparent and responsive to you our clients. Not sure how many other online operations show you as much as we do, we do not know of others like this.

Please give us the chance to fulfill your order and give us the opportunity to earn your future orders. If you do not see items on our site, just ask we might be able to secure it and we are happy to recommend other shops that might carry what you are looking for. While we are marketing this shop and operation to the fitness community we service everyone. Please note we do not ship illegal steroids or items like valium or Xanax. We do ship discretely but we do not lie nor stealth packages there is no need to do this.


Privacy Policy

We will never share your information with anyone and we secure our own internal operations so even our own staff can not have access to your email for example, only supervisors can look up orders via emails address as a measure to protect you from unwanted spam. If you sign up for our newsletter you will receive emails with current sales and offers from time to time and possible notices of sales from our associated sites.


Contact: You may reach out to us at [email protected] and if there bounces or is rejected or down for maintenance you can use [email protected] as a back up. We do reply timely but due to the time differences our reply could be a day away due to holidays or work shifts. We do reply to every email so please check your spam folder to see if our emails are going there.

If you use Yahoo or Hotmail, they are well known to block emails and put them in spam. We do suggest you to create a mail account with gmail as normally gmail works better then these other mail services. Or you can create a free secure email at these sites:

https://tutanota.com/ https://protonmail.com/

We have a Protonmail and a tutanota email account and all emails too and from each other that way are secured and encrypted. It is safest in todays age to use a secure email.

Shipping costs: We try to keep our shipping options up to date, currently we recommend EMS shipping first and foremost.

EMS shipping is average 1-2 weeks from day of sending to receipt but this is average we can not push the mail service to do faster nor can we guarantee an arrival day. We are allowed to make a note on the package to waive signature as this is a signature service but this is up to yoru postal carrier to honor this request or not, many do however. With EMS we have a free reship option if items are held or lost. Cost is 25 USD at time or writing this.

DHL epacket is average 1-2 weeks also and is another shipping option that is newer to us, again the free reship applies to DHL Epacket as well. Cost of this service is also 25 USD at the time of writing.

Airmail is slow with average 3 weeks and has no tracking capabilities, due to this we do not recommend this because with out tracking we do not offer any reship options

or guarantee as we have no way to know if items arrived or not. We really do not like to use this option as we wish to make sure our clients get their goods.

Tracking services, you can use USPS.com to track EMS packages however please note to open up tracking history as they do a poor job of updating their front page. For example their page could say preparing to ship when it has actually left already. We do recommend sites like http://track24.net/ https://track24.net/ or others.

Please use you real ship to name or the real name of who you are shipping to, we ship openly and if for whatever reason packages are at the postal stations waiting for pick up for example no one home at delivery you will need to show ID to pick up the package. Some people use fake names to ship to and we do not advise you do this we ship openly and legally, using a false name to ship to will result in you accepting all risk for non delivered product and no refunds will be issued for anything order sent to a fake or false name.

Returns or Refunds: We do not take any returns or offer any refunds after items have left our shop. If a package is returned to us for any reason, we will at our discretion issue a refund for product cost excluding all cold chain product but we will not issue refunds for shipping costs. This is under the assumption that we have fulfilled an order and it was sent but non delivered due to you out of town for example and the post returns the package to us. Returns can take up to three months by the USPS also be advised.

Legality: The products we sell and ship are legal in our region to sell over the counter, you are responsible for knowing your own local rules.

Grade of products: All products we sell are made by legal registered Pharmacy Companies, there is no product that is home made or produced from untested raw material.

Shipping location: As stated in our about us, we are located and ship from Maharashtra India.

Out of Stock items: At times product is out of stock or expired date stock, when this happens we reserve the right to ship alternate product equal or better and if we can not that we reserve the right to ship your order without the product in question and offer either store credit or refund via crypto coin to you.

Payment options:

Crypto Coin Auto Check Out: You can use the coingate processor to pay automatically with eth or ltc or btc. But you need to process the order within 20 minutes or the order will cancel. Do not ever send from exchanges as they can take up to a day or more to process withdraws.

Alternate Payment: Please select this to get a manual wallet for payments that can not be made timely; however please note that payment MUST be made to manual wallets in a day or such as we do rotate wallets often. Using this option you also will be notified of other possible ways to pay us that we currently take. You can use Alternate Payment option and still use the crypto coin or echeck option through that check out portal we just do it manually.

ECheck: As a verified shop you can if you are a USA client with a USA checking account pay online out of your bank for your order. You will give us your Bank Account and Bank Routing Number to us at check out and we will process this through Echeck Processing. We never have access to your account, this is done by a USA certified processor. We also require that you confirm and verify your order with Echeck system. They will call you or you can call them up and verify your order. They are not aware of your products you ordered but this is a safety measure to make sure no child orders with their parents bank account or a room mate using your account or similar. We do not need to have this in place we are verified fully enough to process automatically but we keep this option as mandatory for your financial security there are online pharmacy sites that have been known to clear our bank accounts and walk away.

The echeck system works like this, we input your bank account and bank routing with your name and it scrubs the info through a national database and says either yes or no. If no we inform you the system was rejected. This could be for a reason like you can not use many credit unions to make echeck payments sadly. Credit unions and echeck system to not work well together. But we are never told the reasons for your decline so we do not know why. If yes then you will be called and we will give you their phone number os you can call them to verify your order. Many people reject unknown numbers or work strange shifts so we will inform you of their phone and youc an call them when you can to verify the order. Once verified they inform us, and our staff prepares the order. The funds are removed from your bank and sent to us.

Please note that for every cancelled input there are charges to us so please verify your numbers carefuly. Also, for every bounced payment we will fully follow with collection agencies and legal avenues to collect the refused funds or similar. We hate to do this but fraud is rampant and a major reasons for the charges to process payments like this.

Credit Cards / Paypal and more payment processors: We can not accept these types of payments as they are against the terms of service for most of the services. Off shore credit card processors want us to use them but they can charge up to 40% to process the payments, and they usually end up holding funds and not paying out. If we used a shady processor like this then our pricing would have to go up very high. Paypal explicitly restricts these products from using their services and would close our and your accounts if you used it to pay us. I would be very cautious of using any

online Pharmacy that accepts payments like this, if it would be reasonably possible we would be offering that payment service but it just is not feasible.

Are Generic Medicines Safe: Absolutely, Cipla and Intas for example are top companies world wide with plants all over the world. Cipla I believe still is a fortune 50 company world wide making medicines that are located on your shelves in your home city. They get contracted out to make products for others and brand differently. Once a patent expires on a product firms like Cipla can produce the products with a savings of 20-80% on average. That saves you huge amounts on your health care bills.

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