Modafinil Weight Loss

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Modafinil works by increasing the dopamine levels in your brain and as a result it increases your mental alertness and decreases fatigue. As your dopamine levels increase your stimulates your reward centers which leads to a reduction of appetite and increased energy levels.


Modafinil increases your dopamine which improves your cognitive function improving your mental performance. Which can lead to better decision making. Increased dopamine levels also increases your feelings of reward and satisfaction, and feeling rewarded usually decreases the bodies desire to use food for rewards or snack.


Modafinil also is a motivational boost as well as an energy boost. We all know that when we are losing weight we need to stay motivated and focused while keeping our energy levels up. Modafinil does this all for us.


While it Is not a magic pill, it is a proven benefit to weight loss and achieving your goals in life.