Modafinil / Modafin for better Workouts and Better Fat Loss

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Modafinil was created to fight narcolepsy and used by fighter pilots to combat fatigue and dullness due to sleep deprivation.   From here busy executives, stockbrokers, poker players, truck drivers, gamers, and students started to use it.


Some items to consider on Modafin is to stay hydrated, the common side effect is headaches and that is due to dehydration so drink drink drink ! Your desire to eat or drink will be subdued when on Modafin which aids in the weight loss. However there are other ways to benefit from Modafin for fitness as well.


If you are doing Intermittent Fasting, then taking modafin will help you survive those 16-18 hours without hunger as you will be focused and concentrating on work or work outs instead of what is in that vending machine at the corner of the office or gym. As a bonus Modafinil if you take 100 mg two hours before a training session will lead to awesome workouts by improving your neuromuscular function.


While Modafin will become less potent the more frequent you use it, you can cycle modafin two weeks on and two weeks off.


So while Modafin is great for students, gamers, and web coders, it has a place in the fitness and diet segments as well.


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