Modafinil for Gamers

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Modafinil has been around for a very long time, growing especially popular within the past decade. It is a vastly field tested and trusted product and has actually gained the reputation, amongst loyal users of the cognitive enhancer, as the ‘Safest Smart Drug’ on the market today.

It has grown extremely popular in a few different areas including business people with high stress working environments and also amongst students with heaps upon heaps of material to review and study for their school work. These are of course just two of the more common areas Modafinil has gained a following as there are also a vast list of more experimental and non traditional uses for this Cognitive Enhancer aka Smart Drug. One of those more experimental uses for the Smart Drug has been the application of Modafinil to the rapidly growing world of video games and even ESports.

Not only does Modafinil keep gamers heavily concentrated on the task at hand but studies have shown that Modafinil improves your reaction time, and in the field of gaming, reaction time is the difference between winning or losing.   It works so well that the WADA or the World Anti Doping Agency has listed Modafinil as a banned supplement if you are in any professional Esports Tournament.

While you can’t use Modafinil in Professional ESports Tournaments, you can still use it for your Twitch steamers, Game Testers, or just to help beat your friends or enemies online !

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