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6 Ways To Save on your Orders

(and maybe make some money as well)

There are a few ways you can save money when you shop with and below are a few of the current ways you can do that.

  • Sign up for our newsletter, seems simple but we will be offering product discounts, sales, and more in our newsletters that we send out.
  • Follow us on reddit in our subreddit, /r/aipctshop where we post articles and sales notices and discounts on products
  • Write a Blog Post and submit it to us. We are always looking for good solid content for our blog area, have some great work outs, some advice on AI or PCT or AI / PCT products, recipe ideas, whatever, submit us a blog post (300 to 2000 words) at  and if used you will earn store credit or discounts for your purchases.
  • Affiliate, sign up to become an affiliate   And you can earn discount on your order, or 3,5,7% cash back to you.
  • If you are a supplier or larger scale shop and want to sell our items then go to the supplier page and talk to us.
  • Post reviews in /r/aipctshop and mention us on Reddit and we will randomly be awarding people discounts or store credit, you review, positive or negative, as long as it is honest, you could get rewarded.

And pay attention for more ways to save in the future, we will continually try to come up with ways to help you save on your orders.