Body Builders and Fitness Industry Love and Hate of Modafinil

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Modafinil is classified as a Smart Drug, it promotes wakefulness and concentration and is finding it’s way into the fitness community.


While Modafinil was created for Pilots to increase their focus and alleviate their boredom, people in the gyms are using it for that same focus to ZONE in and concentrate on the form and mind muscle connection working to help you make every single rep with perfect technique.   You won’t be distracted and zone in on your training and your goals.


The increase in your work out flow will improves as Modafinil increases your energy level making your last set as good as your first. Your rest periods will be shorter and you’ll be focused on your sets and reps.


Modafinil is used by students and executives to achieve the tasks at hand, applying this into the gym you’ll be focused on your goals letting you get more out of your training time.


Items to worry about are dehydration, stay hydrated always an when in doubt drink more. A secondary worry is sleeplessness, if you work out at night and take modafin before your work out, you might be subjected to sleepless nights. Further, many use modafinil for weight loss, while fat loss is a great thing, body builders need to make sure they get enough nutrients to grow, and if you lower your appetite with modafinil then you need to make sure you are still getting your proper nutritional needs.


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