Affiliate Dashboard

Earn a commission for every sale you help us acquire. Sign up and once approved, you will receive an email


Affiliate Program Details

Levels:   Per Calendar Month

Your Qualified Sales Contact Payment method
50-100USD 5% discount code AIPCT Discount
100.01 – 300 USD 3% sale value Bitcoin
300.01 – 500 USD 5% sale value Bitcoin
500.01 – 1000 USD 7% sale value Bitcoin
1000.01 – UP USD 10% Bitcoin


Qualified Sales:  A Qualified Sale is any sale generated from your affiliate link and does not include any other sales or discount or shipping charges.


Payment:  Will be paid via Bitcoin to the wallet you designate the following month to you.


For each person that you refer to us, any order they place and pay in the 30 days will be applied to you.  So for example if you send someone a link and they place an order today for 100 USD in product cost, and then they order again in 15 days from now for 150 USD,  but do not enter the site from you link, that still counts to your account so you would have 250 USD in referral qualified sales to your account.


How it works

You will be given a URL to post around the internet where others will find it useful, or send it to friends.
Anyone who clicks the link will be taken to, If that persons visit results in a sale, you shall get the reward. You can track your earnings from the dashboard once your affiliate account has been approved. Earnings are updated live


If you are posting in a forum and can put links in, for example you write a blog about acne and want to reference our shop to buy acne medication, then you would post:

”I use AIPCTSHOP to buy my products you can visit them here:

Or give to friends in the gym via SMS or private messages, email or similar.


Fill the form in above and you shall be approved within 48 hours, there is no more sign up process apart from the above form