Aipctshop Headquarters

Aipctshop Headquarters

Photos of Staff Preparing Your Orders at AIPCTSHOP

When people think of “Online Indian Pharmacy” wildly different visions can come to mind.  In an effort to provide disclosure and  transparency we are going to be working on video clips of our operations and providing a variety of video clips to help people get to know us.

Below is a collection of thumbnails from the Aipctshop Headquarters video shoot. These are not staged photos, they a thumbnail photo off video clips.  This is who we are.  And we appreciate your orders, we appreciate the chance to earn not just your first order but your next and so on.  Every order no matter the size is valuable to us, and we strive to earn your future orders.  We know trusting a faceless, nameless online venture with your money is a risk, and here we show you who we are.

View our pictures below

Front office with our licenses hanging on the far wall

Aipctshop office

Staff answering emails and inputting orders at Aipctshop Headquarters

Ai order customer service

Staff setting up to pack orders daily.

ai stock

Inventory and product allocation in preparation of daily order packing

Aipctshop stock

Recording batch and expiration dates of every product that leaves Aipctshop Headquarters

Aipctshop quality control

Staff preparing your orders

Aipctshop packaging

Staff starting to pack each order

aipctshop order control

Boxing, wrapping securely and labeling orders

aipctshop delivery

Orders after boxed getting wrapped and labelled, each box is legally declared but discreet packing.

aipctshop shipping delivery

Orders getting ready to be taken to EMS Post for shipping

aipctshop dhl ems airmail shipping

One of our Pharmacists checking Inventory

quality control aipctshop

Employee Satisfaction: We provide an in-house kitchen to provide meals and tea breaks to staff as well as educational opportunities to our employees. We want our employees healthy and engaged in making sure they do their best jobs.

Aipctshop Headquarters

This is some of our team and part of our Aipctshop Headquarters  operations. Look for upcoming videos where we will try to be transparent so you who is taking care of your orders, how we take care of your orders, and how we appreciate the trust you place in us.


General Manager

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