Workout Meals Primer

The proper fitness routine to achieve your goals takes a lot more then just doing the right work out, you need proper sleep, rest, recovery, and fuel to feed your goals.  What you eat is as important as the work out itself, eating wrong for the wrong workout can sabotage all your efforts so it is imperative people who are serious about their work out goals spend time to plan their nutrition as well as their work outs.

Before you exercise you need to fuel your body.  A proper pre work out meal should be half an hour to an hour prior to work out.  Some common items pre work out include nuts, fruit (especially bananas), whole wheat bread, peanut butter, yams, eggs, milk, and similar.  Common ideas are:  Eggs on Toast, Banana Smoothie, Oatmeal (adding walnuts, almonds or similar), Fruit Shakes, Green Smoothies.   Notice the pre work out meal does not need to be a full meal, just something to put fuel in your belly to make the most of your work out.  Too many people work out on an empty stomach and wonder why they do not make gains very fast.  The pre work out meal is based to provide some energy to the body to make proper effort in the work out, the post work out meal is to help repair the body after the strain and stress caused by the work out.

The post work out meal for strength training is based on protein to repair the muscles.  During work outs our muscles are tearing, and then by repairing them the muscles grow.  So it is essential to have a proper post work out meal to achieve maximum growth. My personal belief and from studies shows that it is better to take five smaller meals a day as the body will only use what it needs at that moment and the rest will be excreted out or stored as fat.

Generally a post work out meal is more protein then carbohydrate where as a pre work out is more carbohydrate for energy.  Ideas are Tuna / Salmon meals, Eggs, Chicken Breast, Yogurt, protein bars, Protein shakes, and more.  There are hundreds of recipes on the internet for quick and easy meals and work out meals.

I find that each person has their own heritage and up bringing and to list out specific recipes is not always beneficial.  Understand the basics, carbs prework out with some fats, protein post work out, smaller meals more often during the day and fewer large meals.  Add in a cheat meal now and then as well you deserve it.

To give you some pointers here is a list of healthy foods that help reduce fat and give you gains:

Fat free milk
Olive oil
Citrus fruits like lemon and oranges
Green tea
Egg whites
Salmon, tuna and mackerel
Whole grain such as brown rice, quinoa and whole grain cereal
Almonds and other nuts
Grape fruit
Chicken and turkey breast
Hot peppers
Spinach and other veggies
Greek yogurt
Blueberries and other berries
Peanut butter
Soy protein

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