No Bake, Quick and Easy Mason Jar Salads

Looking for a quick snack, something to take with you on the go, something to keep in the fridge for a healthy meal / snack?  Try a mason jar salad, they are healthy, easy to prepare, taste great and really attack the hunger pains and keeps you on your road to proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle.

Normally hunger hits us quickly, and the quick and easy solutions are artificial and sugar heavy quick bites.  So plan ahead and get some mason jars and make up some salads to take with you and leave at home.  Plus it is a great way to get your kids into healthy eating they are fun to prepare as well as healthy.   The options are limitless on what type of salads and meals you can make, below are listed just a few of our favorite ones, once you start you’ll be preparing your own healthy quick and easy mason jar meals in a heartbeat.  Add oil or dressings as you see fit but remember they are not always healthy nor low calorie so the less dressings we use and the more natural ingredients the healthier it is.

I do recommend mason jars as they are glass, easy to clean, and some mason jar meals you are required to bake (not these here) so the mason jars are perfect for a variety of mason jar meals for you and your family.

Berry With Nuts

Ingredients –

–    4 mason jars

–    2 cups of quartered strawberries

–    2 cups of blackberries

–    2 cups of blueberries (or pick your fruit)

–    1 cup of roasted chopped almonds

Directions –

Assemble it in the following order: ½ cup of blackberries, ½ cup of strawberries, ½ cup of blueberries, and 1/4th cup of almonds. Store in the Refrigerator until ready to eat.  Feel free to substitute fruits but berries are quite healthy.

Berry Salad

Ingredients –

–    Shredded carrots

–    Thinly sliced red onions

–    Blueberries

–    Mandarin Oranges

–    Sliced Almonds

–    Blue cheese dressing or other

–    Arugula

Directions –

Combine in this order, carrots first at the bottom, layered by onions, blueberries, oranges, almonds, top with blue cheese and arugula.  Shake so that the items are coated lightly with the dressing.  Blue Cheese is not healthy so go lightly on the dressing or add olive oil / vinegar or similar as a low calorie dressing coating (light coating).

Grilled Chicken Salad

Ingredients –

–    mushrooms

–    Quinoa

–    Roasted Chicken cubed or diced (or tofu)

–    Chopped Tomatoes

–    Chopped Peppers

–    Leaf Lettuce

Directions –

Add any dressing of your choice at the bottom then layer with the mushrooms, quinoa, asparagus, roasted chicken, chopped tomatoes, and finally the chopped peppers topping with lettuce leaf.

Mexican Chicken Salad

Ingredients –

–    4 mason jars

–    2 whole grilled chicken breasts shredded or diced or cubed

–    1 cup of canned black beans

–    1 cup of canned corn

–    1 cup of diced tomatoes

–    1 cup of romaine lettuce chopped

Directions –

Assemble by starting with 1/4th cup of corn, 1/4th cup of black beans, 1/4th cup of diced tomatoes, ½ cup of chicken, and top it off with 1/4th cup of romaine lettuce in each jar.  Store in refrigerator.

Asian Salad

Ingredients –

–    Shredded carrots

–    Diced cucumbers

–    Sprouts of your choice

–    red bell peppers

–    mandarin oranges

–    Edamame or green peas

–    Mixed baby greens

–    Sesame seeds

Directions –

Assemble in this order, carrots, cucumbers, sprouts, peppers, oranges, edamame, greens, top with sesame seeds.  Add any dressing you like if you wish.  Store in refrigerator.

Mediterranean Salad

Ingredients –

–    8 tablespoons of red wine vinaigrette

–    2 cups of red tomatoes

–    2 cups of chopped cucumbers

–    2 cups of pitted olives

–    2 cups of thinly sliced yellow and / or  red peppers

–    2 cups of chopped red onions

–    2 cups of crumbled feta cheese

–    2 ½ tablespoons of granulated sugar

–    ½ vanilla bean

–    Pinch of salt

Directions –

Assemble with vinaigrette, tomatoes, cucumber, olives, peppers, onions, cheese, top with sugar and bean, add salt to taste.

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