Natural Cures for Erectile Dysfunction

Men, being male are naturally concerned about their penis, so much so many term it their “manhood”  So it comes of no surprise that when any problem arise men start to google around for all sorts of magic potions and pills.  It is a sad fact that many men are embarrassed to discuss penile issues with a medical professional and even sadder that when they do many doctors prescribe Cialis or Viagra.  While these medications do alleviate any erection issues, it does not treat the root cause of ay problems.

For men, particularly men over 40 years old, the best way to naturally cure their sex drive is by the following:

Diet:  A proper nutritional plan is essential to overall good health but also just as important overall sexual health.

Hydration:  While the body is mostly water any lack of fluid in your body will lead to dehydration which signals stress and increases cortisol and lowers testosterone.

Stress:  A healthy mental / emotional life style is essential as stress lowers testosterone and restricts blood flow.  Exercise is commonly used to reduce stress.

Lowering the Body Fat:  Going with Exercise lowering body fat will boost your natural testosterone and as such three full work outs every week is called for at a minimum.

Sleep:  Often overlooked but there is direct correlation between sex drive and sleep.  7-9 hours a night of quality sleep is required for proper rest which can lead to beneficial increases in sex drive.

Looking to the first part Diet:  These foods are found to be beneficial to increase a male sex drive.  Garlic, a natural testosterone booster.  Korean Ginseng, helps reduce stress.  Pomergranate, often referred to as natural viagra.  L-Arginine, can increase nitric oxide and blood flow.  Leafy Greens rich in nitrates which helps increase blood circulation, such as spinach, kale, beets, celery, collard greens, cabbage to name a few.  Zinc, naturally increases testosterone and libido in males.  Zinc is found in oysters, nuts, egg yolk, beans, shellfish to name a few.

Nitric Oxide is important and deserves to be touched upon again, because it is shown to be a natural vasodilator which means it improves blood flow.  Which will increase our sexual health (IE a nice strong healthy erection).   Items that are high in Nitric Oxide include to name a few, Dark Chocolate, Watermelon, Pomergranate, Spinach, Oranges, Walnuts, kale, and Salmon to name a few.  Many of those are naturally part of healthy diet.

The next area for discussion is vitamins supplements and exercise.  One of the top vitamins for a healthy erection is Vitamin C as it increases nitric oxide production (notice how important Nitric oxide is in terms of healthy erections).  Vitamin D as it improves testosterone levels and nitric oxide production.  Vitamin E as it as well increases the levels of nitric oxide as well as being a great anti oxidant.  Citrulline is a powerful supplement that converts into L arginine which is the amino aside that makes nitric oxide in the body.  The next supplement is Maca Root, which is known for increasing male sexual performance as well as increasing sperm production in men.  The best exercises to do for sexual health are:  Core Exercises, Squats, Kegel for men.

Even if you are taking Cialis or Viagra to obtain, maintain a strong erection, also working on the above for better overall health and sexual health will only increase your sexual performance abilities.

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