Ladies: How to Sculpt that Bubble Butt

Many ladies want that magic bubble butt, but while some fat is needed in reality the opposite is the reality for many, having too much padding on the rear, while most exercises focus only on building the Gluteus Maximus.  The Butt in reality is made up of Gluteus Medius, and a dozen other smaller muscles all comprising of what we refer to as the Butt.  Due to the complexity of the Butt, we need to exercise in a variety of ways to achieve that Butt that you all so desire.

Basic heavy multi joint lifts are:

Low Bar Back Squats
Romanian Deadlifts
Walking Lunges
Box Jumps
Step Ups
Isolation Exercises are:

Glute Bridges (Weighted Glute Bridges)
Side Leg Circle Lifts
Reverse Extensions

Cardio: It is important to do intense, simple, low impact exercise to sculpt that butt, not long slow steady work out.  If you can talk then it is not intense enough.  Sprint swimming, rower, bear crawls, sprints, Jump rope to name a few, working in a 20 second on 10 second off interval.  Then gradually increasing to 40/20, 1 minute/ 30 second, and so forth for various exercises.

If your Butt Program does not include some or all the above, then you need to find a new Butt Program.  The internet is full of sample work outs just be sure that they include the above and you’ll be on your way to that magical bubble butt.  The reason I do not want to put in exact programs right here and now is that everyone starts at a different level.  Some are beginners, some are experts, so do what you can and push yourself but do not get discouraged, be encouraged you are starting your path to that Bubble Butt.

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