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15 Minute Booty Work Out: Woman’s Guide to Building a Toned Butt and Legs at Home

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Many women want to firm up their butt and tone their legs, while there is no magic this guide will help target the right muscles and you can do this at home.

Warm Up:

1 Minute Jog in Place
1 Minute High Knee Raises
1 Minute Butt Kicks

Move Into:

2 Minute Bodyweight Squats
2 Minute Cross Over Lunge (Cursty Lunge)
2 Minute Cross over Lunge
2 Minute Ski Squat
2 Minute Reverse Lunge with a Leg Kick
1 Minute Plank
2 Minute Reverse Leg Raise
2 Minute Butt Lifts

Followed by Cool Down

1 Minute Butt Kicks
1 Minute Hamstring Stretch
1 Minute Quad Stretch

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